Hello, I'm Emma, a graphic designer living in New Zealand. Consumerism abounds, plus general everyday life.


Selling some more items on Lacemarket. IW Melissa JSK, IW To The Ball Skirt, Atelier Boz Corset Skirt, and a Meta Blouse. 

Checkout all my listings here: http://lacemarket.net/author/emma-is-here/

Waiting on some things. Yay!

My parents flew over to visit and we travelled around Northland last week.

Selling royal chocolate and some otome items!

Angelic Pretty Royal Chocolate Low Waist JSK - $380 OBO:

ETC Pippi JSK - $140 OBO:

ETC Note Poodle Print JSK - $120:

Hung out at the botanical gardens with my boyfriend for lunch today. I received this super cute OP recently and it features Little Red Riding Hood!
OP & socks: Emily Temple Cute
Cardigan: Innocent World
Bag: Milk
Necklace: Jane Marple
Rosette: Mossbadger
Bad lighting so lots of noise thanks to my phone’s potato camera.
Dress & necklace: Jane Marple
Socks: Angelic Pretty
I was going to wear this but it’s so humid today T_T God do I love low waist AP pieces with corset lacing. They are so flattering!
JSK & bag: Angelic Pretty
Blouse & socks: Emily Temple Cute
Necklace: Jane Marple
JSK & cardigan - Emily Temple Cute
Blouse - AaTP
Bag - Angelic Pretty
Collar - from an IW coat
Meeting up with some friends.
JSK and cardigan - ETC
Bag - Angelic Pretty
I promptly crushed this lovely cicada shell with my phone soon after taking this photo. Oops. I had plans to draw it too. :(
It’s my birthday today so I made some chocolate nudges. Fudgy and delicious! Recipe found here: http://www.lottieanddoof.com/2014/02/chocoalte-nudges
I’ve been spoiling myself. ^^