Hello, I'm Emma, a graphic designer living in New Zealand. Consumerism abounds, plus general everyday life.


Meeting up with a friend.
JSK - Emily Temple Cute
Cardigan - Baby the stars shine bright
Necklace - Jane Marple
Bag - MILK
Headbow - Candy Stripper
JSK, cardi, OTKs, necklace - ETC
Bag - Jane Marple
A quick self portrait.
A Sargent master study that I did a while ago. Got the face all wrong, but at least I got to try out some different brushes. 
…I should probably stop with the studies and do something of my own. Also landscapes and scenery - need to focus on that sometime. 
More drawing studies as usual. My hatching sucks butt. 

Auctioning off Fragrant Rose Memories Vivienne JSK by Baby the Stars Shine Bright. Starts at $450. Check link for more details:


Gestures no. 1
Gesture studies no. 2
Botanical Gardens today. Didn’t mean to put the flash on… oops. 
Skirt and bag - Milk
Rosette - Angelic Pretty
Everything else - Offbrand
Hmm, need a bigger room for this or a different lens. Anyways:
JSK, Blouse, Cardigan - ETC
Necklace - Jane Marple
Bag - MILK
Everything else - offbrand

more-than-words-24 said: Your outfits are so cute! Thanks for posting your casual & work outfits, it's good basis for being professional and still looking lolita-ish! :3 love it!

Thanks! I’m glad you like them :D I ought to try post more often but it’s winter here so it’s dark when I leave for work and dark when I get home. You should check out otome kei if you’re interested in the style (if you haven’t already?)  

A quick study just for practice. I got lazy with it. Would be good to learn how to render lace…
Reference here: http://37.media.tumblr.com/ddd581a2aed23769e1a61fbede8ef9b3/tumblr_n53vdhsFEb1rl2xsfo1_1280.jpg
Changed the legs, I like this more. Not sure whether to keep her eyes open or closed. I’ll start properly colouring soon.
Working on a sketch. These moments are few and far between where I just work on something personal…I’ll hopefully get around to digitally painting this in the end.

I’m not pleased with her pose — plus her anatomy and foreshortening seems off, any tips on how to push this and make it more dynamic? it’s too placid for my liking. 
Lazy days.
Cardigan and JSK - ETC